Monday, 27 September 2010

Evora, Portugal - mini update

I've left the mountains and I'm zooming across wonderfully flat but very scorchio central Portugal. Yesterday I hit the 2000 miles mark so I'm celebrating today with a day off to explore the World Heritage city of Evora. There are many delights to Evora, not least gluten-free magdalenes (they're little sponge cakes in case you didn't know).


  1. 2000 miles! Congratulations!

    It was scorchio here yesterday too for the POD village fete, the Royal Scots day at the races, Doors Open day and the Battle of Prestonpans but today is misty, drizly, white and cold.

    Hello from me an' Henry the housefrog :-)


  2. Thanks, Mo. Loved the book and I heard that Henry was still doing well. Lots of love, Pauline