Monday, 28 June 2010

The bit where you get your wallets out

Just a week to go until my adventure begins. Hopefully it will be your adventure too as you read of tales of derring-do, of wrestling with bears and border officials, while marvelling at pictures from exotic places around the world such as ... erm ... the North Sea, for starters.

In return for all this excitement and enlightenment, I'm asking you to help me raise money for Oxfam through my JustGiving page. It's a really easy online payment, your money goes straight to Oxfam and here's a link below:

You could make a single donation or sponsor me for each new country or new continent that I cross. Perhaps my former colleagues could donate the money raised from the next fundraising event or dress-down day. Family and friends who normally shower me with expensive gifts at birthdays and Christmas might want to donate that money instead while I'm away. Whichever you decide to do, please give generously. Thank you.

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